Eduard has build up a lot of experience in the many years  he's a professional musician. He performed for various small, private and large parties.
During his younger years he already performed solo and in bands. He's been the singer and guitarist of the band The Drifting Five. Now he's got his own band: The Eduard Hagenstein Band, which exists of professional, experienced and ambitious musicians.

Eduard is a very modern troubadour. Yes, He performs solo, only with his guitar and yes, he looks like a troubadour and sings lots of old and modern Dutch songs, but he brings also reggae, rock & roll, blues, ballads and pop-music.

Style of play:
Eduard is someone with a style of his own. His guitar-play is unique and compelling. Most of the time Eduard performes solo with only his guitar to company him.
With his unique style he's able to get each party on the dancefloor with for instance rock & roll and reggae.

Instrument: Lute or guitar
The instrument which Eduard plays is a guitar that looks like a lute. We therefore call it a lutar. This instrument has been made especially for Eduard by a friend.

CD's and LP's:
Eduard has recorded a couple of singles and LP's in his younger years. A couple of years ago he recorded the CD: "Eduard Hagenstein Aangenaam". This is a CD containing only Dutch songs.

He also donated his services (recording a CD) to the "Daniël den Hoed kliniek", which is a clinic for young cancer patients. Eduard participated with the following songs: Power of Love, A road ahead en Tears in heaven.

T  (078) 6177270
Waterman 193
F  (078) 6171975 3328 RK Dordrecht